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Heading 4 A Georgia native Beverly Bruemmer grew up in Buchanan , on the outskirts of Atlanta. After a 33-year teaching career, she began igniting the imagination of children through her writing. Bev is a member of the Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators, The Carrollton Writer’s Guild and the West Georgia Writer’s Guild. She resides in Carrollton, Ga, with her husband Bob. Her son Morgan, a graduate of the University of Georgia makes his home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Her writing time is spent with her cats.


TO MARKET, TO MARKET IN THE BIG RED TRUCK My desire was to create a story that conveys selflessness, kindness, values, and the importance of relationships. I want to instill in children the joy I find in reading. This book celebrates the simplicity of life while spurring the imagination of children and adults alike.

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This beautiful coffee table book brings inspiration through meaningful quotes as you look through breathtaking original oil paintings of the wildlife, and ways that are a part of the old west.

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This Teacher's edition Grand Teton Activity book on disc allows teachers to use the hands on approach to educating their students on the wild life, Native Americans, Pony Express, cowboys and many other interests in the State of Wyoming and the Grand Tetons. The disc allows them to use these pages over and over for every year.

 Carrollton Writers Guild Inc

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