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Carolyn Houghton Bio

I admit it.  I am a spiritual child of Walter Mitty, James Thurber’s character who lived his real life in stories he made up while coping with his every day, humdrum life.

I loved to pretend.  I still do. Writing about time travel, being a musician, a goofy (but brilliant) member of the English elite is a wonderful way to spend my time. I hope you’ll also find a fine escape as well in the Fox Haven and Waterton series.

When I’m not wandering around in alternate universes, I’m the proud mother of Celia Ann.  She looks at the world in quite unusual ways.  My children’s book, Celia and The Land of Discouraging Words is the result of an evening’s conversation.  The town I lived in for many years provided love and support when one of my family members was seriously hurt.  “I love Summer the Best” is my love letter to the town that was more than willing to help.

Music provides the heartbeat in my life.  You’ll find lyrics in the back of the books that reflect Charlie’s love for Sami, and Mac’s worries about zombies. You just never know who will have a lyrical story to tell.

My writing partner and lifelong friend, Elyse Wheeler, has helped me to grow in many ways.  It’s so wonderful to think about the following questions: What am I seeing, tasting, smelling, touching and hearing. She reminds me that the world doesn’t always center around dialogue.  I’m grateful to have her constancy and brilliance in my life.

The Carrolton Writer’s Guild has provided wonderful support for my story telling and poetry.  I urge you to find a group that will help you to refine your stories. 

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Heading 2

Someone ... or something ...stalks Sami, a threat she's known her entire life. Upon marrying a talented drummer and discovering her family manor, Foxhaven, she believes she's found safety. Her security shatters when they learn a powerful sorcerer from the past hunts her using the demons under his command.

Fortunately, Foxhaven has magic of her own.

As family and friends arrive for the holidays, they uncover mystical assailants and powerful curses. A summoning spell gone awry sends the party through time and space to where the sorcerer readies his attack.

With Sami and her friends' lives hang

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Sherry Ramhill, British veterinarian extraordinaire, never expected to be banished to the Colonies, a dead zone for magick. Or so she believes. Moving to the sleepy New York town of Waterton, she expects an easy transition into her new career as Director of the Waterton Zoo. Her new position tosses her into the magickal world of the Midnight Crew, a mysterious population who frequent The Waterline, a bar along the docks of the busy shipping port.

When heavy rains overwhelm Waterton’s antiquated water system, out-of-town developers offer to restore the city in exchange for the zoo property leaving the animals including Billy Boy the bison, and Gula the wolverine doubly threatened. To save her companions, Sherry turns to a seven-foot lizard with advanced degrees, the enigmatic bar owner and his brother-in-arms, a Norwegian magickal cat and a host of trolls and gargoyles members of the Midnight Crew. And she must find her own suppressed magick.

With time running out, will these motley heroessave Waterton Zoo and keep it above water?

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