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Eleanor writes in a variety of genres. During her educational career Eleanor was published in several educational journals. All 14 of the educational books she wrote based on the activities she developed with her gifted students in Heard County, Carroll County, and Marietta City School Systems in Georgia are available from Educational Impressions. For three years after Eleanor retired, she wrote a monthly column, "Vintage Finds," on antiques and travel for the VINTAGE TIMES, an antiques and collectibles trade paper. Next, Eleanor turned her pen to poetry: BREAD AND ROSES, TOO (2005), EYE OF THE BEHOLDER (2010), GREEN THUMBS (2011) and DRIVING WITH MY BLINKER ON (2013). "I Want to Dance" (page 10, BREAD AND ROSES, TOO) won the Gwin Anderson Oliver Poetry Award. Two poems were nominated for Georgia Author of the Year in Poetry (EYE OF THE BEHOLDER 2010; GREEN THUMBS 2011, DRIVING WITH MY BLINKER ON 2013) Eleanor's poem Don't Fix Me Up, in DRIVING WITH MY BLINKER ON, was nominated for the Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Award in 2013. Eleanor also writes essays, short sketches, and short stories. She is a member of Just Poetry, West Georgia Writers, Georgia Writers Association and the Carrollton Writers Guild.​ 

Green Thumb

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"Green Thumbs:" Traditional and free verse and haiku about gardeners and gardening, conservation and ecology, common names and botanical nomenclature, nature, botany, and agrology.

Eye of the Beholder
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The poems in EYE OF THE BEHOLDER are about the nature of perception-- how we view ourselves and others and how they view us and how we interact with each other and the world because of our perceptions.

Driving with my Blinker on
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 The poems in Driving With My Blinker On are about hopes, fears, dreams, aspirations, failures, disappointments, successes, human weaknesses and strengths, relationships, maturing, growing old, and facing life with courage and humor while driving with a "blinker on."

Bread and Roses, too.jpg

The female mystique, from childhood through maturity, is captured in the pages of Bread and Roses, Too. Among the book's themes are a woman's hopes, fears, frustrations, regrets, vulnerabilities, strengths, and victories. The book also covers a woman's never-ending struggle to accommodate men, friends, and family. The poetry is easy to read. It is written in a variety of styles, from traditional to free verse. Each poem captures one aspect of a woman's life. Female readers will recognize themselves and their friends in many of the poems, while male readers will recognize their female relatives and friends.

 Carrollton Writers Guild Inc

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