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Elyse Wheeler, PhD

Elyse Wheeler spent many summers hidden away in the small library in northern Illinois trying to figure out who she wanted to be. Following in the path of the scientists/physicians in her family, she completed a PhD in Human Physiology and Biophysics and training in medical technology. She led laboratory services in two major medical centers. Along the way, she published several scientific articles and wrote three book chapters. To finish out her career in science, she designed and implemented two programs (BS and MS) in clinical laboratory sciences and retired from education after 15 years’ service.

Raising her son and introducing him to Dungeons and Dragons at an early age has kept her fantasy worlds rich and robust. She is now free to pursue writing the stories she always wanted to read (and let’s be honest, live.) With her co-author, she is currently writing the second volume in Foxhaven Chronicles and editing the companion series Waterton Zoo. She is also writing a YA fantasy novel about a young troll girl and a Pegasus colt.

She celebrates the collaboration with her life-long friend and writing partner, Carolyn Houghton with whom the first three novels have taken form.

She lives in Georgia close to her son, Colin, his wife, Dante and two granddogs, Sumner and Ashby. The household includes CH, the yellow lab, Tikva, and two rescue cats, Axel and Karmel. She enjoys the company and encouragement of the members of the Carrollton Writers Guild. Other hobbies include gardening with the West Georgia Chapter of the Georgia Native Plant Society.

Contact her at or visit on Facebook at Elyse Wheeler Author.

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Raven's Eye
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Someone … or something …stalks Sami, a threat she’s known her entire life. Upon marrying a talented drummer and discovering her family manor, Foxhaven, she believes she’s found safety. Her security shatters when they learn a powerful sorcerer from the past hunts her using the demons under his command.

Fortunately, Foxhaven has magic of her own.

As family and friends arrive for the holidays, they uncover mystical assailants and powerful curses. A summoning spell gone awry sends the party through time and space to where the sorcerer readies his attack.

With Sami and her friends' lives hanging in the balance, they must each embrace the secret world of magic before time runs out.

Waterton Zoo CWG.jpg

Sherry Ramhill, British veterinarian extraordinaire, never expected to be banished to the Colonies, a dead zone for magick. Or so she believes. Moving to the sleepy New York town of Waterton, she expects an easy transition into her new career as Director of the Waterton Zoo. Her new position tosses her into the magickal world of the Midnight Crew, a mysterious population who frequent The Waterline, a bar along the docks of the busy shipping port.

When heavy rains overwhelm Waterton’s antiquated water system, out-of-town developers offer to restore the city in exchange for the zoo property leaving the animals including Billy Boy the bison, and Gula the wolverine doubly threatened. To save her companions, Sherry turns to a seven-foot lizard with advanced degrees, the enigmatic bar owner and his brother-in-arms, a Norwegian magickal cat and a host of trolls and gargoyles members of the Midnight Crew. And she must find her own suppressed magick.

With time running out, will these motley heroessave Waterton Zoo and keep it above water?

 Carrollton Writers Guild Inc

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