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About Frank Allan Rogers

Writing is one of the great passions of my life. From the time I learned to read, I wanted to be a writer. As a kid, I wrote stories almost a page long and passed them around at school. I learned the power of the written word at an early age when a story made the boys laugh, the girls blush - and the teacher mad. My passion never faded, and by age 15, I knew I had to write novels.

For many years, life got in the way of my dreams. Earning a living had a higher priority than creating stories. But now I'm a full-time fiction writer on a mission. I want to create stories that matter. Stories that sparkle with true-to-life characters whose dramatic lives leave a lasting impression on the readers. My ambition is not to be known as a great writer, but as a good storyteller, because I believe readers deserve more than a great story--they deserve a great story well told. So I was honored that Georgia Author of the Year Awards nominated Upon a Crazy Horse for Best First Novel.

Reading and traveling are also top priorities, and my wife Mary and I are extensive travelers. She is a multiple-award-winning oil artist, and the places we visit provide material, subjects, and background for her new art and my new novels.

I love to lose myself in a good story, especially if I'm the one writing it. Maybe all of that proves I'm a bit crazy. But, in the words of a Waylon Jennings song, "I've always been crazy; it's kept me from going insane."
Life is good.
The new F-word in fiction

Twice Upon a Time

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Twice upon a time

Can a man from the 21st century survive in 1847? Murdered on his birthday, August Myles finds “crossing over” is nothing like he'd ever heard, read, or imagined, and learns he has not earned a ticket to Paradise. In a grand experiment, the members of the Divine Council gave August another chance. Or did they? With all the limitations of a mortal, he is sent back in time to rescue an 11-year-old orphan girl, to get her safely from Missouri to Oregon. An impossible mission. An adventure filled with death and danger, courage and fear, love and hate, happiness and heartbreak - a grueling journey on the world’s longest graveyard - with Bonner’s Disciples on the Oregon Trail. Yet, with all the needs and passions of a mortal man, August must also battle the advances of two gorgeous women during long months and close encounters. One woman just wants to seduce him. Another falls in love. But for August Myles, carnal knowledge is forbidden. Is there no just

Upon a Crazy Hors
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Upon a Crazy Horse

When Jack Brannigan whacked a stump with his knee, lost his breakfast down the horse's front leg and bruised his manhood on the saddle horn, all on the first morning of the ride, he knew the venture would play hell with his sense of humor. Without thinking twice, maybe not even once, he had ignored the elements of endurance warning in the brochure and flew to New Mexico for a week-long, 135-mile horseback ride. On twenty-two horses and a mule named Molly, the riders would chase the ghost of Billy the Kid over the mountains and across the desert from Lincoln to Fort Sumner. Choking dust, scorching sun, freezing rain, and a blistered butt prove the brochure to be true. But elements become the least of Jack's concerns when tragedy strikes. The riders discover Bonita, a courageous and beautiful young woman, kidnapped and held as a slave on Paradise Mountain, and Jack Brannigan faces the biggest challenge of his life.

Vagabond Blue

Vagabond Blue

What is real freedom? True friendship? The value of life? And what impact would life make on a child forced to work like a man since age 11?

Blue Moon Bailey, son of a devoted God-fearing mother and useless alcoholic father grew up during the great depression in sharecropper shacks of the rural South, in a family so destitute that joining a hobo jungle would be considered social climbing. On his 16th birthday, Blue walked away with the only two things he’d ever owned; a guitar and a dream.

Vagabond Blue pulls the reader into a young man’s heart and soul in his relentless pursuit of an elusive dream; and evokes sympathy for the middle-class young woman who can’t stop loving him – a saga that spans more than 20 years.

All That Glitters

Married at 19. Divorced at 21. Marty Redman was on a mission. From rock climbing to skydiving, from novice bull rider to rodeo champion, he proved he was a man. Marty had all the dates he could handle, and he handled every one because the gals wanted to be with a winner. He gave them what they wanted and more, but fell for none. 

And then…along came Elly, Sweetheart of the Rodeo.


They stood in the middle of his living room. He kissed her lips, her neck, and her lips again. She arched her back, slid her hands from his shoulders to his waist and pulled him tight. He moaned as her chest pressed against his. He put his mouth to her ear.

“Scrambled or fried?”

Her breath caught. Her brow wrinkled. She held his waist and pushed back.


“Just planning breakfast.”

Green eyes lit with a sudden twinkle. “Are you … asking me to spend the night?”

“I love how smart you are.” He pulled her close and kissed her again. She leaned back, laughed, and shook her head.

“I didn’t bring my overnight bag.”

“You can borrow mine.”

She giggled. His hands eased down her back, wrapped around her hips and squeezed. He kissed her neck again. She whispered, “I didn’t bring a toothbrush.”

He whispered, too. “I have a new package.”

“But I don’t have my PJ’s. Not even a nightshirt.”

His voice grew husky. “I like you more all the time.”

Large pupils looked up at him with a sparkle that didn’t say yes, didn’t say no. But they were curious.

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