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Ginny Nickoloff . . . .

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Grossly Outnumbered recounts the life and times of a mother of five baby-boomers, all boys. Covering the years from 1924 to 2017, this tome is peppered with harrowing, outrageous, laughable, mundane and exciting anecdotes illustrated with over 170 snapshots. Once she was relieved of child care, Ginny Nickoloff started traveling the world, visiting 60 countries: Korea to India; Russia to Africa; the Amazon River to the Danube; and all 50 states in the United States. She celebrated her 91st birthday sailing the Mekong River in Cambodia. Now 93 years old and still playing golf, Ginny began writing a series of children's books based on these experiences named "Granny with the Freckled Knees." The first two books she wrote take place in Africa and the third book features Thailand. Since the camera is an extension of Ginny's right hand, these books are filled with her photographs of elephants, giraffes, lions, temples and palaces and the next one could be pyramids and sailing down the Nile. Ginny was not surprised when her first grandchild was a boy and her first two great-grandchildren are boys. However, she also has five granddaughters, and thus she is no longer "grossly" outnumbered! Please Follow Ginny on Her Websites: Please 



Granny travels with her Granddaughters Brielle and Alexa to Egypt by way of England and Scotland. They travel by air, train, boat, ride the Big Red Bus and the Eye in London, putt on St. Andrews Golf Course, sail the Nile, ride on horse and buggy, and see the great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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Africa 1

Because Granny is bitten by the Travel Bug on her knee, each freckle takes her to a new place. In Book One, Granny takes her two young Grandchildren on safari in Africa to see wild animals at three camps in Kenya.


Africa 2

Granny with the Freckled Knees takes her two grandchildren on safari in Africa that includes riding on horses, elephants, helicopter and a cable car in Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa. They see wild animals such as lions, giraffes, rhinos, monkeys and exotic birds and hike in the mist of Victoria Falls. Granny and the kids enjoy a lot of home grown food and see how self-sufficiently a family is able to live.



The Travel Bug has left another freckle on Granny's knee, giving her the opportunity to show her Granddaughters Mary and Camila that there is a big world out there. Granny takes them on a trip to Thailand to see temples and elephants and acquaint them with an ancient culture very different from their own.

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My Platinum Years



When Ginny explained to her son that the Golden Years are from 55 to 75 and the Platinum Years are 75 to 95, Jim said: “Mom, you are 96.  You are in your Titanium Years!”


Isolated because of the covid 19 pandemic, Ginny decided to write her sixth book by drawing from the multitude of files stored in her brain just waiting to get out!  These files deal with health, jokes, planning, poetry, politics, prayer, pets, words, lists, and old letters.  Most importantly, realize how special the Platinum Years can be with a little planning and a lot of execution!


Ginny has visited all fifty states, over 60 countries and all five continents.  Since the camera is an extension of her right arm, My Platinum Years is filled with Ginny’s snapshots.  This book is also full of advice that you can take or leave.   She just wants her readers to realize how much there is to look forward to in their Platinum Years.

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