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 Ken Burke


Ken grew up in a small village in west central Illinois. At a young age he became an avid reader and crafted stories in his head while doing such menial chores as mowing, raking and picking strawberries. In school he excelled in science, winning numerous awards at high school science fairs. He graduated high school the month before the first men landed on the moon and decided to become an aeronautical engineer. After his freshman year at the University of Illinois in Urbana he switched his major to mechanical engineering as his passion shifted from spacecraft to cars and earned a BS degree. Ten years later he received an MBA degree from Governor’s State University while working full time.  

Out of undergraduate school he worked for two years at Chrysler Corporation as an aerodynamicist. For the next twenty-three years he worked at ARCO, a major oil company later acquired by Amoco. There he worked in a broad range of areas including product development, administration, IT, retail marketing, sales and electronic payments. The remainder of his career he spent in sales, marketing and business development, primarily in the electronic payments industry.

After forty-one years, Ken retired to fulfill a life-long desire to write fiction. He joined the Carrollton Writers Guild and began writing short stories and novels in multiple genres. Too Many Suspects, a mystery/thriller, is his first novel to be published. Those Who Hunt Us, a science fiction/thriller, is scheduled to be released later this year.

Ken and his wife of forty-eight years live on a small lake west of Atlanta, GA were they enjoy boating, fishing and entertaining their two children and five grandchildren. When not writing, Ken reads, tours Civil War battlefields and enjoys auto racing on TV, in person and on his racing simulator. 

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Too Many Suspects description



Was it suicide or murder? The county sheriff ruled Lorelei’s death suicide, but her mother, Veronica, isn’t convinced. She recruits Tanner Nole, a wannabe mystery novelist to investigate. Tanner, obsessed with recapturing Veronica’s love, is shocked to learn he was Lorelei’s birth father. To solve the case he must work through a long list of suspects despite a deputy protecting his main suspect, a lovely deputy befriending him to spy for the sheriff, controlling an opioid addiction he denies having, dodging Veronica’s jealous husband and fending off a hoodlum bent on revenge. With the aid of an offbeat private eye and Lorelei’s eccentric grandmother, Tanner races to solve the crime before time runs out. Can he prove his daughter was murdered and identify her killer before being jailed, hurt or killed?

Ken Boekhaus

 Carrollton Writers Guild Inc

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