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MATT JOLLEY is a national Edward R. Murrow Award winning story teller originally from South Texas.  He can be heard around the world on as well as and as the voice of the finest aviation events in the United States. 

Tale from the High Bluff
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This collection of humorous to side-splitting stories brings to life a year in High Bluff, Texas, a fictional town atop the highest bluff on the Gulf Coast. The cast of the Easter Pageant at the First Baptist Church navigate a flaming electric boat winch and a screaming Jesus during their famous ascension scene. A bus load of exotic male dancers receives a wild welcome they’ll never forget. A Santa trophy sits in a camp chair on the porch every Christmas. True love, action packed hurricanes and a confrontation with Karankawa Joe pack the pages with moments Red Campbell would’ve loved.  Everything inside is sworn to be fiction, but if you’ve ever been lucky enough to live in South Texas, you’ll spot the difference between the bull chips and the clumped dirt.

 Carrollton Writers Guild Inc

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